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Terms of Use Agreement

Customer agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein in this Terms of Use Agreement with IkeCool Corporation (referred to as IkeCool). This Terms of Use Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between IkeCool and its customer. This Terms of Use Agreement may be amended at any time by IkeCool from time to time without specific notice to its customer. Customer is required to read the latest Terms of Use Agreement which will be posted on the and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements between IkeCool and its customer. 

Order Acceptance   All orders are subject to acceptance by IkeCool. IkeCool reserves the right to accept or reject orders according to IkeCool's current practices. IkeCool sends customer a written acknowledgment letter or email upon the order is accepted. IkeCool will neither deem to other order acceptance forms without written approval from IkeCool, nor be bound by any terms of customer’s order to purchase. To accept an order IkeCool will need the following information about the product: product catalog, description, and quantity. IkeCool also needs the following information about our customers: complete company name, billing address, shipping address, purchase order number, contact name and phone number, and any other special instructions. Order acceptance is specifically conditioned with agreement to the terms hereof and the exclusion of all other terms. The customer shall be deemed to have agreed with the terms hereof upon placing the order to IkeCool. If the customer makes the changes of the submitted purchase order or product configurations, he/she needs to notice IkeCool in advance. IkeCool may charge an additional fee or make adjustments of price. IkeCool may charge a cancellation fee if the customer requests order cancellation.

Refund   Customer must contact IkeCool at for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number before the product can be returned for replacement or refund. Customer must obtain a RMA within 2 weeks of receipt of the products, otherwise No refund will be issued. RMA is valid for 7 days from the date of issue. The returned product is subject to a 18% re-stocking charge; Custom products may not be returnable. All returned Products are subject to inspection and approval by IkeCool staffs before issuing credit or replacement. Refunds are issued by check for pre-paid merchandise. Credit order refunds are issued to the credit card. Products displaying use, misuse, or other damage will not be accepted. IkeCool reserves the right to substitute the equivalent units of the same quality grade of the products for the returned products. The products are returnable for repair or replacement free of labor and materials under warranty if they are of defect. Products being returned must be packaged properly using original packaging material with the RMA number clearly marked on this shipping carton. Please mark package “Fragile - Contains Optical Electronic Instruments.” Ship returned items to “IkeCool Corporation, 2355 Westwood Blvd. Suite 568, Los Angeles, CA, 90064.”

Warranty   IkeCool warrants products of defects to be repaired or replaced free of labor and materials for one year from the date of shipment unless specifically noted. IkeCool’s liability is limited to the replacement cost of product. Warranties are invalid if being transferred. Customer should contact IkeCool at to make all claims under warranties and obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number before the product can be returned for repair. Any claims from any third party will not be accepted. Repaired products are warranted for a period of three months, or under the warranty that is for the remaining time of the original warranty for the product, whichever is longer. IkeCool is responsible for neither consequential damages nor the damages caused by customers, other parties or any other circumstances. IkeCool may charge suitable costs for labor and materials after warranties expire. IkeCool does not claim any guarantee for which level its product should perform in any given application, nor any suitability for purpose of its product that is utilized by its customer. IkeCool does claim no liability for delay or failure in business operation due to unforeseen circumstances or any other circumstance beyond IkeCool’s reasonable control, such as war, fire, epidemics etc.

Prices and Payment   The prices shown in this online catalog supersede all previous catalogs. IkeCool reserves the right of changing prices without notice, but such changes shall not affect any accepted orders. Price quotations are valid for 60 days. Quantity price discounts may apply to, and the rates will vary depending on, different types of products. Taxes, all handling fees and other charges, including (without limitation), brokerage fees, tariffs, taxes, and transportation charges, are not included in prices displayed on the catalogs. IkeCool also reserves the right to correct misprints. Customer should make payments for all products and services in U.S. dollars. IkeCool accepts payment by cash, check, credit card, COD, or money order. Payment terms shall be net thirty (30) days from the date of invoice upon the approval of credits by IkeCool. Some orders may need to be paid in advance or cash on delivery. A Service Charge of the maximum allowed by law will be the penalty for checks returned unpaid by customer’s financial institution. Together with Service Charges, returned checks because of insufficient or uncollected funds will be debited electronically from your account or collected using a bank draft drawn from your account.

Shipment and Delivery   As soon as IkeCool receives the purchase order, IkeCool will provide an estimate of delivery time which however is not a commitment. IkeCool will make every effort to make delivery in this time frame. Any date of delivery is only an estimate and IkeCool has no liability for late or partial deliveries. IkeCool is not responsible for shipping costs and the risk of loss or damage to the products after they have been handed over to any common carriers. Customer should provide completed street address for shipment. IkeCool will ship the products via USPS if customer provides a PO box as a shipping address. Expedited delivery is available which will be charged for an extra fee. Customer can not claim the damages or cancel the order due to the delay of delivery. IkeCool is not responsible for any liability for the possible consequences caused to customer due to the delay of delivery. Delivery is considered completed upon transfer of possession from the carrier to the customer. Customer should notice IkeCool within 1 week (seven days) upon the receipt of products if there are any incorrect products delivered or false charges for the order.

Links to the Sites   All links and references to other sites are for your convenience and information only, and are independent from IkeCool. IkeCool has no responsibility for any contents of those sites. IkeCool neither recommends nor endorse any contents of those sites. Thus any direct, indirect, or consequential damages caused by usage of those sites are solely dealt between you and the third party operators of those sites. IkeCool does not accept any liability for any linked sites.   

Limitation of Liability   IkeCool has made every effort to make sure all contents provided herein are original and accurate. However, IkeCool can not exclude the possibility that it may contain potential inaccurate information, including misprint, typos, technical mis-presnetation, or other inadvertent errors. IkeCool assumes no responsibility for those potential and occasional errors. IkeCool in no way has any liability for the damage or loss to the users because of using and downloading any information from this site directly, indirectly or consequentially, including but not limited to errors, inaccuracies etc. IkeCool reserves the right to change, update, or delete any information provided herein, at any time without notice.

Safety  IkeCool labels its products with essential information in compliance with international and US FAD/CDRH regulations. Beyond the warranties of product quality stated herein, there is no any other warranty, statement, representation or writings, is provided to the customer or any third party for information of either particular application, level of performance of the product, fitness for custom purposes etc., or, being away from infringement or violation of any rights, etc. It is the customer’s own responsibility to follow the appropriate safety protocols for laser operation. IkeCool does not accept any liability for any costs or damages, including but not limited to, during the laser operation, whether it is consequential, incidental, indirect, or direct, to the customer, or any third party, except the limited liability stated herein in this Terms of Use Agreement, which is the sole liability provided between IkeCool and its customer. For this condition, IkeCool includes IkeCool’s directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, subcontractors, and suppliers. 

Copyright   The contents of this web site,, are the exclusive property of IkeCool and protected under copyrights and other, but not limited to, proprietary rights. The contents of this site include, but not limited to, web templates, design, source code, text, table, photos, software and all other materials and contents of this site. You may view, download or print any portion of the site for non-commercial and informational purposes only. However without IkeCool’s authorization you are not be allowed to do following, but not limited to, activities for this site for commercial purposes: (1) print, publish, modify, distribute, reproduce, and transmit any part or form from this site; (2) transfer, display or sell any information, services, products from this site; (3) incorporate, or create a derivative works using any portion of contents, information, materials or any other resources of this site.    

Trademarks   IkeCool and IkeCool logo are registered trademarks of IkeCool Corporation.    




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