IkeCool Corporation is an integrative advanced laser technology company. IkeCool is dedicated to providing top quality lasers for customers who are working in various fields and organizations, such as institutions, universities, industries and governments. The goal of IkeCool is to push the frontier of the laser technology to serve our customers the best laser products. In particular, IkeCool is featured by establishing a strategy-associated relationship with our customers. IkeCool always offers:
  *Cutting-edge laser technology
  * Top quality lasers, precision optics and crystals
  *Unbeatable prices for every product
  *Full support for custom-made products       


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Laser Beam & Spectral Measurement | Special Announcement – IkeCool is very pleased to announce our new featured products: optic fiber coupled-473nm and 593nm DPSS lasers with very competitive prices. These lasers are particularly designed and configured for optogenetics applications for activation of Channelrhodopsin, Halorhodopsin and other opsins in biological research. Please check here for details.

Laser Laser implement Laser Instrument Optics Crystal Biological Laser Equipment
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